I have been interested in media since young age as I always found it as a mean for entertainment. I come from a family of actors yet I was always the one behind the scenes. I was more into video editing and music production. After some time I saw the potential of the web and that was my rendezvous point.

I started learning web development and I explored different technologies, started with the basics, HTML and CSS, then javascript. I felt comfortable so I also stated digging into PHP and SQL which opened a wider variety of options. It was then when I realized that it is an on going learning curve of which I was happy to learn as much as possible. I am a self thought web developer and what drives me is the simple fact that I know that when it comes to programming, everything is possible, if I don’t know it, I know how to get to it.

I do not code to make money out of it, I code because it is my passion. I love the fact that having an idea in mind, with the right tools and knowledge, I can make it happen.